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Title  ↑ Map ID Coverage Scale State Edition Reliability Year Released
Australian Earthquakes 2012
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 22/Aug/2013
Primary and Secondary Coastal Sediment Compartment Maps
n/a n/a n/a AU n/a n/a 26/Jun/2013
Reforming Planning Processes Trial: Rockhampton 2050: Technical Report on Current and Future Climate Hazards
2013/015 View Spatial Extents n/a AU-QLD n/a n/a 05/Jun/2013
The 2012 Australian Earthquake Hazard Map
2012/071 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 16/Nov/2012
Australian Earthquakes 2011
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 02/Jul/2012
Igneous rocks of northern Queensland : 1:500 000 map and GIS explanatory notes
1994/011 View Spatial Extents 1:500,000 AU-QLD n/a n/a 18/Apr/2011
Earthquake Epicentres in Australia 1841-2000 1:10m
n/a n/a 1:10,000,000 AU n/a n/a 30/Nov/2009
Flinders Ranges Earthquakes 3D VRML Model 2007
n/a View Spatial Extents n/a AU-SA 1 n/a 01/May/2007
Earthquake Hazard map of Australia 1991
n/a n/a 1:10,000,000 AU n/a 1991 01/Jan/1991