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The Tanami 3D Model - 2007 version
This 4th version of the Tanami 3D model covers a 200 km x 200 km area of the Tanami Region and Arunta Inlier (Aileron Province). This model consists of a series of 3D surfaces of major geological elements ranging from relatively shallow cover sequences, down to the Moho. The 3D surfaces were cons... 3D model
The Paterson 3D VRML model
The Paterson 3D VRML model of the Cottesloe Syncline region in the northwest Paterson Orogen was created using 3D GeoModeller. 3D GeoModeller is an emerging technology that constructs 3D volumetric models based on a range of geological information. The principal benefit of 3D GeoModeller is that ... 3D model
Tasmanian TASGO three dimensional (3D) VRML model
The Tasmanian TASGO 3D model is a model of the geological structure of Tasmania. It contains: interpretations of the TASGO seismic reflection data and reflection and refraction paths from the TASGO seismic refraction survey, plus elevation, bathymetry, satellite imagery, geology maps, geophysical... 3D model
Leonora-Laverton three dimensional (3D) VRML model
Geographic extent Leonora-Laverton region, within the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia. Contents This VRML model contains a digital elevation model, surface geophysical images, surface solid geology, solid geology cross sections, fault planes, rock volumes, mineral deposits and geochronology ... 3D model
Flinders Ranges Earthquakes 3D VRML Model 2007
Geographic extent The Flinders Ranges region is located in South Australia to the north of Adelaide. The data in this model covers the majority of South Australia. Contents This VRML model contains DEM surface, satellite image, elevation image, surface geology image, gravity image, magnetic im... 3D model
Eastern Lachlan Orogen 3D VRML Model 2007
Geographic extent The Eastern Lachlan Orogen region is located north of the ACT in eastern central NSW near Orange. Contents This VRML model contains DEM surface, basement geology interpretation, gravity image, magnetic image, 3D geology surfaces, fault surfaces, geological cross sections, sei... 3D model
Eastern Gawler 3D VRML crustal model: Olympic Cu-Au province
This is the 2nd version of the 3D model provided to demonstrate the current direction of the Gawler Project's research. New data and features include: new gravity and magnetics images, "strings", basement units, inversion models, iso-surfaces and improved navigation features. Geographic extent ... 3D model
Bremer Sub-basin 3D VRML Model
Geographic extent The Bremer Sub-basin is located off the south coast of Western Australia, adjacent to the coastal towns of Albany, Bremer Bay and Esperance. Contents This VRML model contains fault and horizon interpretations, images of seismic data, geological dredge data and high-resolution s... 3D model