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Bowen-Gunnadah-Surat Basin 3D X3D model
The Sedimentary basins of eastern Australia project undertook structural and sequence stratigraphic mapping of a regional grid of seismic reflection data in the Bowen, Gunnedah and Surat Basins (usually 4 seconds two-way travel time data, with about 15,000 line km of data on about 1200 individual... 3D model
Offshore Acreage Release 2007 3D VRML Models
The regular release of offshore acreage is a key part of the Australian Government's strategy to encourage investment in petroleum exploration. This CD product contains six interactive 3D VRML models of the 2007 acreage release areas and was created for distribution at the 2007 APPEA conference a... 3D model
The Paterson 3D VRML model
The Paterson 3D VRML model of the Cottesloe Syncline region in the northwest Paterson Orogen was created using 3D GeoModeller. 3D GeoModeller is an emerging technology that constructs 3D volumetric models based on a range of geological information. The principal benefit of 3D GeoModeller is that ... 3D model