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Vertical metamorphic and age zonations of the early Precambrian Western Australian crust, and the origin of protocontinents Glikson, A.Y.Lambert, I.B. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Vermiculite in Australia Owen, H.B. 1945 01/Jan/1945
Vema cruise 33, leg 2, in the southeast Indian Ocean, 21 December, 1975 to 17 January, 1976 : observer's report Jongsma, D. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Vema cruise 33, leg 13, in the Bismarck, Solomon, and Coral Seas, 20 December 1976: observer's report Karner, G.D. 1978 01/Jan/1978
Vema cruise 33, leg 1, over the southeast Indian Ridge, 17 November to 17 December, 1975: observer's report Tilbury, L.A. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Vema cruise 33 leg 4 over the Naturaliste Fracture Zone, 23 February to 15 March, 1976: observer's report Petkovic, P. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Vema cruise 33 leg 3 over the magnetic quiet zone south of Australia, 20 January to 19 February, 1976: observer's report Stagg, H.M.J. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Velocity analysis of two seismic sections across the Queensland Trough Pinchin, J. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Vegetation and climate of the late Cainozoic in the Murray Basin and their bearing on the salinity problem Martin, H.A. 1989 05/Jun/2014
Variation of crustal mass over the Australian region Dooley, J.C. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Vacuum Oil building vibration tests, Melbourne 1960 Jewell, F. 1960 01/Jan/1960
VALAM and ARLAM : two computer programs for estimating hypothetical petroleum resources using prosect areas and field sizes Hinde, A.L. 1984 01/Jan/1984
VALAL and ASSAD : two computer programs for estimating and summing undiscovered petroleum reserves Hinde, A.L. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Utilization of fertilizer raw materials in Australia Kalix, Z. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Using VRML to Share Large Volumes of Complex 3D Geoscientific Information via the Web Beard, D.J. 2005 02/Apr/2009
Users' guide to RTMAP : regolith landform mapping database Hazell, M.S.Lenz, S.L.Ryburn, R.J. 1995 21/Apr/1995
Users' guide to PETROG: AGSO's petrography database Ryburn, R.J.Knutson, J.Duggan, M.B.Bond, L.D.Hazell, M.S. 1994 08/Aug/1994
Users' guide to AGSO's Oracle database system Lenz, S.L.Ryburn, R.J.Kucka, M. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Users' giude to the OZCHRON database of Australian geochronology Ryburn, R.J.Page, R.W.Richards, J.R. 1994 21/Feb/1994
User's guide to the PetChem database Ryburn, R.J. 1990 01/Jan/1990