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Land classification and new geographical names in the northeast part of the Canning Basin, Western Australia Casey, J.N.Nelligan, P.F. 1956 23/Dec/2013
Land Seismic Tape Formats and Disco Examples: Land Seismic Barton, T.J. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Land Seismic Data Acquisition Proposal: Gunnedah Basin, New South Wales Korsch, R.J.Wake-Dyster, K.D.Finlayson, D.M. 1990 01/Jan/1990
Lamfo and Lampo : programs for calculating the future production of petroleum from undiscovered resources using the creaming method Hinde, A.L. 1985 01/Jan/1985
Lake Windermere seismic refraction survey, ACT, 1969 Taylor, F.J.McDowell, M. 1973 01/Jan/1973
Lake Mackenzie power development scheme seismic surveys, Tasmania 1962 Mann, P.E.Polak, E.J.Andrew, J.T.G. 1963 01/Jan/1963
Lake Johnston area airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Western Australia 1960 Wells, R. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Lake George, NSW: its relevance to salinity problems in agriculture Burton, G.M.Wilson, E.G. 1973 01/Jan/1973
Lake George, N.S.W. - notes for sedimentologists' excursion, November 1970 Burton, G.M. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Lake George seismic refraction survey, New South Wales 1964 Polak, E.J.Kevi, L. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Lake George gravity survey, New South Wales 1963 Kevi, L. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Lake Buffalo dam site geophysical survey, Victoria 1966 Mann, P.E.Wainwright, M. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Lake Bellfield dam site vibration tests, near Halls Gap, Victoria 1963 Mann, P.E. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Lake Bellfield dam site vibration tests, Victoria 1963 and 1965 Mann, P.E. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Lae-Markham Valley geophysical survey, PNG, 1973 Taylor, F.J.Pettifer, G.R. 1977 01/Jan/1977
Lae resistivity survey for underground water, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, 1964 Andrew, J.T.G.Wainwright, M. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Lae hydro-electric projects, New Guinea; reconnaissance investigation of the Sankwep River scheme Noakes, L.C.Gardner, D.E. 1959 01/Jan/1959
Lae hydro-electric projects, New Guinea; reconnaissance geological investigation of the Upper Ramu scheme Noakes, L.C.Gardner, D.E. 1959 01/Jan/1959
Lacrosse No. 1 special core analysis tests on a Permian reservoir sandstone McKay, B.A. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Lacoste and Romberg gravity meters : laboratory investigations into the effects of changes of air pressure, temperature and meter supply voltage Williams, J.W. 1983 01/Jan/1983