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Light Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of the Bonaparte Basin : Including the Sahul Syncline, Malita Graben and Northern Petrel Sub-basin : Rig Seismic Survey 99 : Project 121.24 Bickford, G.P.Bishop, J.H.O'Brien, G.W.Heggie, D.T. 1992 24/Mar/2011
Light Hydrocarbon Geochemistry in Bottom-waters of the Philippines Continental Shelf ; Project 123.03 AGSO (Survey 109) Evans, D.Heggie, D.T.Bishop, J.H.Reyes, E.N.Lee, C.S. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Light Hydrocarbon Geochemistry in Bottom-waters of the Arafura Sea, Northern Australia : Project 121.24 Bickford, G.P.Heggie, D.T.Bishop, J.H. 1992 03/May/2011
Lexicon of Antarctica stratigraphic names introduced by members of Australian expeditions McLeod, I.R. 1975 01/Jan/1975
Lepidodendroid plant fossils from the base of the Gilberton Formation, North Queensland White, M.E. 1957 01/Jan/1957
Leonora-Laverton solid geology Whitaker, A.J.Blewett, R.S.Fokker, M. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Leigh Creek coalfield Gravity survey Progress report for period May-June 1949 van Erkelens, G.H. 1949 01/Jan/1949
Leigh Creek coal Raggatt, H.G. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Leidodendron plant remains from near Arthur River woolshed, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia White, M.E. 1957 01/Jan/1957
Legendre No. 2 - special core analyis of a hydrocarbon-bearing Jurassic sandstone McKay, B.A. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Legend recommendations: ECAFE tectonic map of Asia and the Far East Doutch, H.F. 1973 01/Jan/1973
Leg 133 - Northeast Australia : Safety Package Feary, D.A.Pigram, C.J.Davies, P.J.Symonds, P.A.Droxler, A.W.Peerdeman, F. 1990 01/Jan/1990
Learmonth Geomagnetic Observatory installation, November 1986 Hopgood, P.A. 1987 01/Jan/1987
Lawrence Vale geophysical survey, Launceston, Tasmania, 1960 Polak, E.J. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Lawrence Vale and hospital areas bore hole logging, Launceston, Tasmania, 1959-60 Wiebenga, W.A. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Lawn Hill 4-mile geological series Sheet E54-9 Explanatory notes Carter, E.K.Opik, A.A. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Lawn Hill 1:100 000 Sheet area: catalogue of 1:250 000 geological compilation sheets Sweet, I.P.Hutton, L.J. 1978 01/Jan/1978
Laverton-Edjudina airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Western Australia, 1969 Tipper, D.B.Gerdes, R. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Laverton-Edjudina airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Western Australia, 1966 Tipper, T.B. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Laverton - Edjudina airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, WA 1966 Tipper, D.B. 1967 01/Jan/1967