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Groundwater investigation, Marshall Lagoon, Central District, Papua Brouxhon, G. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Groundwater nomenclature in Australia Jones, N.O. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Helicopter gravity survey by contract, Northern Territory and Queensland 1965 Flavelle, A.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
History of manganese development - Groote Eylandt Crohn, P.W.Dunn, P.R. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Hoddles Creek Geophysical Survey, Victoria 1965 Smith, R.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Installation of a seismograph at Kalgoorlie Western Australia 1964 Everingham, I.B. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Intercontinental conodont correlation of the Palaeozoic sediments of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, northwestern Australia Jones, P.J.Druce, E.C. 1965 01/Jan/1965
International Symposium on Volcanology, New Zealand, 1965 Fisher, N.H. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Interpretation of the contract aeromagnetic survey, Kopperamanna-Frome area, South Australia, 1963 Milsom, J.S. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Investigation into production of refined bismuth Wilmshurst, R.E. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Investigation of a small landslide Area 9 Yarralumla Valley, Australian Capital Territory Hill, J.K. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Isogonic map of Australia and New Guinea for the epoch 19650 van der Linden, J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Isotopic age determination on Precambrian rocks of the Carpentaria region, Northern Territory, Australia McDougall, I.Dunn, P.R.Richard, J.R.Compston, W.Bofinger, V.M.Webb, A.W. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Kalgoorlie detailed aeromagnetic survey Western Australia, 1964 Dockery, B.A.Finney, W.A. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Kalgoorlie detailed aeromagnetic survey, Western Australia 1965 Dockery, B.A.Shelley, E.P. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Lae resistivity survey for underground water, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, 1964 Andrew, J.T.G.Wainwright, M. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Lithological correlations of Middle-Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic units in seven wells in the southern Bowen-Surat Basin, Queensland Fehr, A. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Lower Brisbane River geophysical survey, Queensland 1965 Polak, E.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Macquarie Island Geophysical Observatory work, 1963 Gregson, P.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Magnetic survey of two compass swinging sites, Kingsford Smith Airport, Mascot New South Wales 1965 van der Linden, J. 1965 01/Jan/1965