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AGSO Research Newsletter 27 Geoscience Australia 1997 28/May/2013
Airborne geophysics in Australia: the government contribution Denham, D. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Airborne magnetic and gamm-ray data acquisition Horsfall, K.R. 1997 05/Jun/2014
An integrated remote sensing study for the Papunya-Kintore region, NT Woodcock, L.G. 1997 18/Mar/1998
An interactive GIS database of disposal basins, Murray Basin Hostetler, S.Radke, B.M.Brodie, R.S. 1997 09/Sep/1997
An introduction to topographic maps Lewis, G.B. 1997 05/Aug/1999
Antarctic CRC Marine Geoscience, Vincennes Bay, Prydz Bay and Mac.Robertson Shelf : Post-cruise Report : AGSO Cruise 186, ANARE Voyage 5, 1996/97 (BRAD) O'Brien, P.E.Harris, P.T.Quilty, P.G.Taylor, F.Domack, E. 1997 24/Feb/1998
Application of aeromagnetic surveys to sedimentary basin studies Gunn, P.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Application of airborne gamma-ray spectrometry in soil/regolith mapping and applied geomorphology Wilford, J.R.Bierwirth, P.N.Craig, M.A. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Australia and the Melanesian arcs: a review of tectonic settings Coleman, P.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Australia's buoyancy inherited from Gondwanaland AGSO 1997 05/Jun/2014
Australian Neoproterozoic palaeogeography, tectonics, and supercontinental connections Walter, M.R.Veevers, J.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Australian national airborne geophysical databases Hone, I.G.Milligan, P.R.Mitchell, J.N.Horsfall, K.R. 1997 05/Jun/2014
BMRs legacy and AGSOs mission: strategic influences on the future direction of Australia's national geological survey Powell, T.G. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Biostratigraphy of Rig Seismic samples from Vening Meinesz seamounts, Christmas Island area, northeastern Indian Ocean Chaproniere, G.C.H.Shafik, S.Coleman, P.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Blayney 1:100 000 sheet area: notes to accompany geological map Wyborn, D.Henderson, G.A.M. 1997 10/Feb/1997
Calibration and data processing for airborne gamma-ray spectrometry Minty, B.R.S.Luyendyk, A.P.J.Brodie, R.C. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Catalogue of Type, Figured and Cited Specimens in the Commonwealth Palaeontological Collection, Palaeozoic Mollusca and Hyolitha Strusz, D. 1997 09/Apr/1997
Continental Shelf Definition in the Kerguelen Plateau Region : Law of the Sea Cruise proposal Borissova, I. 1997 26/Jun/1997
Continental Shelf Definition in the Lord Howe Rise & Norfolk Ridge Regions - Law of the Sea Cruise Proposal Lockwood, K.L. 1997 14/Apr/1999