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Canning Basin Petroleum Systems map, Larapintine 2, 3 & 4 1:2m Kennard, J. 1994 01/Sep/1994
Canning Basin Project (Stage II) - Geochemical and Porosity/Permeability Data Jackson, M.J.Zeilinger, I.Kennard, J.Southgate, P.N. 1994 09/May/2011
Canning Basin four (4) well-well cross-sections non-annotated 1:5 000 Kennard, J. 1994 01/Sep/1994
Catalogue of Type, Figured and Cited Specimens in the Commonwealth Palaeontological Collection, Conodonta Strusz, D.L. 1994 11/Nov/1994
Catalogue of Type, Figured and Cited Specimens in the Commonwealth Palaeontological Collection, Vertebrata Davis, A.C. 1994 11/Nov/1994
Central Eromanga Basin Seismic Survey 1982: Operational Report Sexton, M.J. 1994 17/Jan/1994
Cobar Basin Seismic Survey 1989: Operational Report Wake-Dyster, K.D. 1994 17/Jan/1994
Creating ARC/INFO coverages from microstation design files : some procedures and AML routines Brodie, R.S. 1994 25/Oct/1994
Cruise Proposal : Otway Basin, South-eastern Australia : Deep Crustal Seismic Data Acquisition, Late 1994/Early 1995 Project O'Brien, G.W. 1994 14/Dec/1994
Cruise Proposal: Swath-mapping Cruise off Tasmania using R.V. L'Atalante Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J. 1994 17/Jan/1994
Digital near-source accelerograms recorded in Tangshan, China : part 1 (October 1991-December 1993) Zhang, W. 1994 21/Dec/1999
Drafting and type specifications for 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 geological maps Pillinger, D.M. 1994 22/Jul/1994
Eastern Otway Basin - Horizon Maps for the Onshore Areas at 1:250 000 scale Finlayson, D.M.Richardson, M.J.Lavin, C.J.Hill, K.A. 1994 14/Oct/1994
Environmental Geochemistry and Marine (hydrocarbon) Resources Offshore Victoria and New South Wales : Proposal for Rig Seismic Survey 126 Heggie, D.T.Bickford, B.G. 1994 19/Jul/1994
Field excursion guide: Kosciusko Summit walks Wyborn, L.A.I. 1994 17/Feb/1994
Field excursion guide: Kosciusko to Wagga Wagga Stuart-Smith, P.G. 1994 10/Feb/1994
Geology and Petroleum Potential of Ragay Gulf, Tayabas Bay, Northeast Palawan Shelf and Cuyo Platform, Philippines Burger, D. 1994 14/Oct/1994
Geology of the Featherbed Cauldron complex, North Queensland. Part 1-Eruptive rocks and post-volcanic sediments Mackenzie, D.E. 1994 10/Feb/1994
Geology of the Oberon 1:100 000 sheet area, preliminary report and data record Wallace, D.A.Stuart-Smith, P.G. 1994 23/Mar/1994
Geoscience Data Storage Workshop, 29 August 1994 : proceedings Berman, D. 1994 25/Oct/1994