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Geology of the Woden/Weston Creek area, ACT Henderson, G.A.M. 1975 01/Jan/1975
Geology of the Wiso Basin, Northern Territory Milligan, E.N.Smith, K.G.Nichols, R.A.H.Doutch, H.F. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Geology of the Wiso Basin, Northern Territory Kennewell, P.J.Huleatt, M.B. 1980 01/Jan/1980
Geology of the Weston Creek area, ACT Wilson, C.Newstead, P. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Geology of the Western Musgrave Block, Central Australia, with particular reference to the mafic-ultramafic Giles Complex Glikson, A.Y.Stewart, A.J.Ballhaus, G.L.Clarke, E.H.J.Feeken, E.H.J.Leven, J.H.Sheraton, J.W.Sun, S.S. 1996 02/Jun/1997
Geology of the Webb 1:250 000 Sheet area, Western Australia Blake, D.H.Towner, R.R. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Geology of the Townsville 1:250 000 Sheet area, Queensland Wyatt, D.H.Paine, A.G.L.Clarke, D.E.Harding, R.R. 1970 01/Jan/1970
Geology of the Timber Top Volcanic Subgroup (Featherbed Volcanic Group) and associated rocks, Mount Mulligan area, north Queensland Oversby, B.S. 1997 29/Oct/1997
Geology of the Tantangara 1:100 000 Sheet area, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Owen, M.Gardner, D.E.Wyborn, D.Saltet, J.Shackleton, M.S. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Geology of the Tambo/Augathella area, Queensland Exon, N.F.Galloway, M.C.Casey, D.J.Kirkegaard, A.G. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Geology of the Sydney Basin - A Review Mayne, S.J.Nicholas, E.Bigg-Wither, A.L.Rasidi, J.S.Raine, M.J. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Geology of the Surat Basin in Queensland Exon, N.F. 1976 01/Jan/1976
Geology of the Stow Region, Northern Territory Stuart-Smith, P.G.Needham, R.S.Bagas, L. 1987 01/Jan/1987
Geology of the Springvale 4-mile Sheet area, Queensland Reynolds, M.A. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Geology of the Springsure 1: 250 000 Sheet area, Queensland Mollan, R.G.Dickins, J.M.Exon, N.F.Kirkegaard, A.G. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Geology of the South Sepik region, New Guinea Dow, D.B.Smit, J.A.J.Bain, J.H.C.Ryburn, R.J. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Geology of the Ruddygore and Zillmanton copper mine area, near Chillagoe northern Queensland Branch, C.D. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Geology of the Ravenswood 1-mile sheet area, Queensland Clarke, D.E. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Geology of the Quamby 1:100 000 sheet area (6957), Queensland Wilson, I.H.Noon, T.A.Hill, R.M.Duff, B.A. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geology of the Proterozoic rocks of northern Australia Plumb, K.A.Derrick, G.M. 1973 01/Jan/1973