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The palynology of Amerada Newlands No 1 Well, Queensland Evans, P.R. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Third World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, New Zealand, January 1965 Brooks, J.A. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Timor Sea/Joseph Bonaparte Gulf marine gravity and seismic 'spark array' survey, northwest Australia, 1965 Smith, E.R. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Timor Sea/Joseph Bonaparte Gulf marine gravity and seismic Sparker survey, north-west Australia, 1965 Geophysical Associates Pty Ltd 1966 01/Jan/1966
Toolangi Seismic Observatory - Installation and Equpiment Toy, R.G. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Total magnetic intensity anomalies due to two-dimensional models Clarke, G.B.Quilty, J.H.Widdows, I. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Trace element analysis by X-Ray spectroscopy with emphasis on the determination of barium, lead, nickel, and zinc Rhodes, J.M. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Treatment of Hatches Creek tungsten concentrate Moskovits, E.E. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Trevallyn bridge site geophysical survey Launceston, Tasmania, 1965 Mann, P.E. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Undergraduate geological training in hydrology White, D.A. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Upper Cretaceous ammonites from the Carnarvon Basin of Western Australia. 1, The Heteromorph Lytoceratina Brunnschweiler, R.O. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Upper Devonian and Carboniferous geology of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, WA and NT Veevers, J.J.Roberts, J. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Village water supply survey, Milne Bay district, 1966 MacGregor, J.P. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Volcanic cauldrons, ring complexes, and associated granites of the Georgetown Inlier, Queensland Branch, C.D. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Wells and footage drilled for petroleum exploration and development in Australia and the Territory of Papua and New Guinea in 1965 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1966 01/Jan/1966
Western Queensland reconnaissance gravity surveys, 1957-1961 Gibb, R.A. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Wilkes geophysical surveys, Antarctica, 1962 Walker, D.J. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Wilkes ice thickness measurements and related studies, Antarctica, 1965 Allen, G.A. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Zeehan geophysical surveys, Tasmania, 1947-1948 Langron, W.J. 1966 01/Jan/1966
A common gravity datum and calibration lines for independent survey in Australia Dooley, J.C. 1965 01/Jan/1965