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Local Wind Assessment in Australia: Computation Methodology for Wind Multipliers Yang, T.Nadimpalli, K.Cechet, R.P. 2014 01/Jul/2014
Metadata report: Arcturus atmospheric greenhouse gas monitoring Etheridge, D.Loh, Z.Schroder, I.F.Berko, H.Kuske, T.J.Allison, C.Gregory, R.Spencer, D.Langenfelds, R.Zegelin, S.Hibberd, M.Feitz, A.J. 2014 24/Jun/2014
Mineral identification flowchart Geoscience Australia 2014 23/May/2014
Minerals and petroleum in Australia: a guide for investors Geoscience AustraliaDepartment of Industry 2014 11/Apr/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the Captains Flat area, eastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales: July 2012-June 2013 Chisholm, E.I.Fitzherbert, J.A.Deyssing, L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 18/Mar/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the Lachlan, southern Thomson and New England orogens, New South Wales, February 2011 - June 2013 Fraser, G. L.Gilmore, P.Fitzherbert, J.A.Trigg, S.J.Campbell, L.M.Deyssing, L.Thomas, O.D.Burton, G.R.Greenfield, J.E.Blevin, P.L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 11/Nov/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the New England Orogen, New South Wales: July 2010-June 2012 Chisholm, E. I.Blevin, P.L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 09/May/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the New England Orogen, New South Wales: July 2012-June 2014 Chisholm, E.I.Blevin, P.L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 03/Nov/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the central Lachlan Orogen and Thomson Orogen, New South Wales July 2011-June 2012 Chisholm, E.I.Blevin, P.L.Simpson, C.J.Downes, P.M. 2014 19/May/2014
Optical, Geospatial, Radar, and Elevation Supplies and Services Panel (OGRE): Annual Report 2012-2013 Penning, C.Metlenko, A.Hoyle, S. 2014 12/Feb/2014
Pacific Island Groundwater and Future Climates: First-Pass Regional Vulnerability Assessment Dixon-Jain, P.Norman, R.Stewart, G.Fontaine, K.Walker, K.Sundaram, B.Flannery, E.Riddell, A.Wallace, L. 2014 12/Sep/2014
Palaeogeographic reconstructions: Revealing the lithological variability of the Gage Sandstone and South Perth Shale, Offshore Vlaming Sub-basin Lech, M.E.Southby, C.Lescinsky, D.T.Wang, L.Jorgensen, D.C. 2014 13/Mar/2014
Petrel Sub-basin Marine Survey (GA0335/SOL5463) : Sub Bottom Profiler Processing Report Jones, L.E.A. 2014 07/Oct/2014
Petroleum geology inventory of Australia's offshore frontier basins Totterdell, J.Hall, L.Hashimoto, T.Owen, K.Bradshaw, M. 2014 01/Apr/2014
Potash in Australian Acid Salt Lakes Clarke, J.D.A. 2014 04/Jul/2014
Regional assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Mesozoic succession in the Petrel Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia Consoli, C.Higgins, K.Jorgensen, D.C.Khider, K.Lescinsky, D.T.Morris, R.Nguyen, V. 2014 17/Apr/2014
Report on the Analysis of the Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) GPS Campaign 2013 Hu, G. 2014 01/Jul/2014
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from Kutjara 1 and Mulyawara 1, northwestern South Australia Neumann, N.L.Korsch, R.J. 2014 24/Feb/2014
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Leveque Shelf, Western Australia SOL5754 (GA0340) Post Survey Report Picard, K.Nichol, S.Hashimoto, T.Carroll, A.G.Bernardel, G.Jones, L.E.A.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Radke, L.C.Nicholas, W.A.Carey, M.Howard, F.J.F.Tran, M.Potter, A. 2014 08/Apr/2014
Seabed Environments and shallow sub-surface geology of the Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore Perth Basin: Summary results from marine survey GA0334 Nicholas, W.A.Howard, F.J.F.Carroll, A.G.Siwabessy, J.Tran, M.Radke, L.Picard, K.Przeslawski, R. 2014 22/Sep/2014