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User's guide to the OZMIN mineral deposits database Ewers, G.R.Ryburn, R.J. 1993 10/Jan/1994
Users' guide to AGSO's Oracle database system Lenz, S.L.Ryburn, R.J.Kucka, M. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Warrumbungle, Nandewar, and Tweed volcanic complexes : IAVCEI, Canberra 1993 : excursion guide Duggan, M.B.Knutson, J.Ewart, A. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Wastewater irrigation and groundwater quality protection Dillon, P.J.Schrale, G. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Water supply and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: an overview Hearn, B.Henderson, G.Houston, S.Wade, A.Walker, B. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Western Otway Basin 1992 aeromagnetic dataset : images and interpretation Reeves, C.V.O'Brien, G.W.Finlayson, D.M.Milligan, P.R.Morse, M.P.Brodie, R.C.Willcox, J.B. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Woodlawn massive sulphide deposit : IAVCEI, Canberra 1993 : excursion guide Bouffler, M. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Work program 1992/93 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1993 01/Jan/1993
Work program 1993/94 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1993 10/Dec/1993
A field classification and intensity scale for first-generation cleavages Durney, D.W.Kisch, H.J. 1994 05/Jun/2014
A new structure in pollen assigned to Striatopodocarpites Sedova 1956 and Protohaploxypinus Samoilovich emend. Morbey 1975, from the Late Permian (Tatarian) of the Russian Platform Foster, C.B.Gomankov, A.V. 1994 05/Jun/2014
AGSO Formats for Marine Seismic and Navigation Digital Data Barton, T.Johnston, N.A.Petkovic, P. 1994 17/Jan/1994
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 1 - Geology of the outer North West Shelf, Australia AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 2 AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 3 AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO ORACLE developers' guide Kucka, M. 1994 10/Feb/1994
AGSO Research Newsletter 20 Geoscience Australia 1994 28/May/2013
AGSO Research Newsletter 21 Geoscience Australia 1994 28/May/2013
An introduction to the geology of the outer margin of Australia's North West Shelf Exon, N.F. 1994 05/Jun/2014
Australian Petroleum Systems. Barrow-Exmouth Sub-basins module Spencer, L.Needham, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Noonan, J.Edgecombe, S.Zuccaro, G. 1994 25/Feb/2013