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Territory of Papua and New Guinea, report of investigation of volcanic activity Manam Island, T.N.G., April, 1953 Best, J.G. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Testing of cores from Australian Associated Oilfields (N.L.) Well No. 2, Roma, Queensland Konecki, M.C. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The London Bridge limestone, Monaro district, New South Wales Veevers, J.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The Pinnacles copper mine, Strangways Range Bell, A.D.M. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The Tennyson uranium prospects, Edith River, Northern Territory Gardner, D.E. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The Waterhouse area, Northern Territory: (preliminary report & maps) Joklik, G.F. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The Yeuralba Mineral Field, Northern Territory Walpole, B.P.Drew, B.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The coal resources of New South Wales (draft) Burton, G.M. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The geology of the Embayment area, Rum Jungle, Northern Territory Carter, E.K. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The geology of the Rye Park district Burton, G.M.Smith, K.G. 1953 01/Jan/1953
The uranium prospects of the Brodribb, Ella Creek and Frazer areas, Northern Territory Sullivan, C.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Third progress report of the geophysical survey of the Renison Bell tin field, Tasmania Horvath, J.Keunecke, O. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Underground water at Morstone station north-west Queensland Noakes, L.C.Casey, J.N. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Uranium prospects, Waterhouse area, Northern Territory: (preliminary report & maps) Sullivan, C.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
White's South prospect, Rum Jungle, Northern Territory Ward, H.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
White's extended prospect, Rum Jungle, Northern Territory Ward, H.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
A geological reconnaissance of the southern portion of the Australian Capital Territory McInnes, G.E.Jones, J.B. 1952 01/Jan/1952
A review of the petroleum prospects of the North West and Fitzroy Basins of Western Australia and suggestions for a future exploration programme. Schneeberger, W.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Abstract of the stratigraphy of the Springsure area and adjacent areas (Queensland) Schneeberger, W.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
An investigation of a reported "gas-blow" near Wabag, Western Highlands, New Guinea MacKay, N.J. 1952 01/Jan/1952