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White's extended prospect, Rum Jungle, Northern Territory Ward, H.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
A geological reconnaissance of the southern portion of the Australian Capital Territory McInnes, G.E.Jones, J.B. 1952 01/Jan/1952
A review of the petroleum prospects of the North West and Fitzroy Basins of Western Australia and suggestions for a future exploration programme. Schneeberger, W.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Abstract of the stratigraphy of the Springsure area and adjacent areas (Queensland) Schneeberger, W.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
An investigation of a reported "gas-blow" near Wabag, Western Highlands, New Guinea MacKay, N.J. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Are there possibilities for a geophysical survey in the Cloncurry district Horvath, J. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Australian geological survey in Pakistan - 1951: activities, results, and suggestions for further aid to Pakistan Ivanac, J.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Australian resources of sulphur-bearing minerals Nye, P.B.Mead, G.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Bauxite at Gove, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Owen, H.B. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Brief report on an investigation of mines in the Harts Range and Plenty River mica fields, Northern Territory Tomich, S.A. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Cambrian palaeogeography in Australia Opik, A.A. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Channel Island water supply, Northern Territory Matheson, R.S. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Determination of differences in the magnetic elements between the absolute stations on the north end of Macquarie Island Ervin, R.E. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Discovery of fossiliferous Upper Cambrian in Central Australia Opik, A.A. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Discussion [on] "Three foraminiferal zones in the Tertiary of Australia" by M.F. Glaessner Crespin, I. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Geological reconnaissance of south-western portion of Northern Territory Joklik, G.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Geological report on Peko gold mine, Tennant Creek goldfield, Northern Territory Ivanac, J.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Geology of the Broken Hill ore deposit, Broken Hill, NSW Gustafson, J.K.Burrell, H.C.Garretty, M.D. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Geology of the Mount Elliott copper mine Selwyn, Queensland Searl, R.A. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Geology of the western syncline, Kuridala, Queensland Searl, R.A. 1952 01/Jan/1952