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Water bores on Gidleigh Station, Bungendore Fisher, N.H. 1946 01/Jan/1946
Water depth - a critical factor for exhalative ore deposits Plimer, I.R. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Water levels, balance, and chemistry of Lake George, New South Wales Jacobson, G.Schuett, A.W. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Water resources development in the Northern Territory's arid zone McDonald, P.S. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Water resources of central Australia Quinlan, T. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Water supplies for quarantine sites, Western District, Papua, 1966 MacGregor, J.P. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Water supply and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: an overview Hearn, B.Henderson, G.Houston, S.Wade, A.Walker, B. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Water supply for the proposed secondary school at Matewoulou, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu Jacobson, G. 1981 01/Jan/1981
Water supply investigations Haast Bluff native settlement, Northern Territory Firman, J.B. 1956 01/Jan/1956
Water supply investigations in the flats east of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory Barclay, J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Water supply investigations, Areyonga native settlement, Northern Territory Firman, J.B. 1956 01/Jan/1956
Water supply on blocks 98A and 98B, ACT Fisher, N.H. 1946 01/Jan/1946
Water supply: Bathurst Island Mission Dunn, P.G. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Water-supply investigation on Hermannsburg Mission Station, Northern Territory Joklik, G.F. 1952 01/Jan/1952
Waterflood susceptibility tests on some core samples from oil reservoirs in Kingfish A-1, Kingfish B-1, Mackerel No. 2 and Mackerel No. 3 in the offshore Gippsland Basin McKay, B.A. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Waterhouse No 1 (area 65) geophysical survey, Northern Territory 1960 Douglas, A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Waterhouse Nos. 2, 3 and 4 uranium prospects, geophysical surveys, Northern Territory 1957 Daly, J.Tate, K.H. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Waterhouse area, test magnetic survey at Claim 51B, Northern Territory 1961 Rowston, D.L. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Waterloo, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Sweet, I.P. 1973 17/Apr/2014
Watsonville geophysical survey, North Queensland 1964 Sedmik, E.C.E. 1967 01/Jan/1967