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Geological report on the Mt Hope copper mine, Mount Hope Fisher, N.H. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Geological report on the Wymah wolfram area Fisher, N.H.Knight, C.L. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Geophysical test surveys at Moonta, South Australia Thyer, R.F. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Heavy mineral deposits of the North Coast beaches Fisher, N.H. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Interim report on Nelson Bore, Victoria Crespin, I. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Leigh Creek coal Raggatt, H.G. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Mica specimens - Mr E. Kitchin, Chillagoe Owen, H.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Mining for quartz crystals at Kingsgate Fisher, N.H. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Montana silver-lead mine, Zeehan, Tasmania Mawby, M.A.Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Notes on mica occurrences at Mt Kitchin, Chillagoe district, northern Queensland Owen, H.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Notes on the use of mica in aero engine sparking plugs Owen, H.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Notes to accompany plan and section of Coorabin coalfield Rayner, J.M. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Oaklands-Coorabin coalfield - preliminary report Raggatt, H.G. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Preliminary notes on bismuth and scheelite deposit, King Island, Tasmania Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Preliminary report on drill holes Nos. 22, 23, and 24, King Island Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Preliminary report on further samples from W.R. Johnstons bore near Bourke, New South Wales Crespin, I. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Preliminary report on the King Island scheelite mine (with special reference to proposed boring campaign) Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Preliminary report on the salt resources of the Pink Lakes in the County of Weeah, Victoria Owen, H.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Progress report on drilling operations at the King Island scheelite mine, Grassy Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
Report on Boolarra geophysical test surveys Richardson, L.A. 1942 01/Jan/1942