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Seismic and magnetic traverses at Mallacoota Inlet, 1971 Taylor, F.J. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Seismic and gravity investigations along the geotraverse, Western Australia, 1969 A BMR contribution to the Upper Mantle Project Mathur, S.P.Moss, F.J.Branson, J.C. 1977 01/Jan/1977
Seismic and detailed gravity survey in the Toko Syncline, Georgina Basin, 1977 - operational report Harrison, P.L.Schmidt, D.L. 1978 01/Jan/1978
Seismic Field Trials on the Nullarbor Plain, South Australia 1991: Operational Report Leven, J.Barton, T. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Seismic Data Processing Report for Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics, Marine Geoscience and Petroleum Geology Group : Bonaparte Basin Seismic Survey 1991 : BMR Survey 100 Digital Exploration Ltd. 1992 23/Jul/1995
Seismic Data Acquisition Proposal : Central Officer Basin, South Australia Lindsay, J.Leven, J.Krieg, G. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Seigal NT & Hedleys Creek Qld 1:100 000 geol map commentary Sweet, I.P. 1981 13/Mar/2014
Sediments down under : field excursions. 12th International Sedimentological Congress 24th-30th August 1986 Canberra, Australia AGSO 1986 01/Jan/1986
Sediments and structures of the Australian continental slope bordering the Indian Ocean Branson, J.C.Turpie, A. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Sedimentology of the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous platform sequence of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin Veevers, J.J. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Sedimentology of the Neoproterozoic Acraman impact-ejecta horizon, South Australia Wallace, M.W.Gostin, V.A.Keays, R.R. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Sedimentology of the Middle Proterozoic McArthur Basin, Northern Australia Jackson, M.J. 1986 11/Feb/2011
Sedimentology and holocene history of a tropical estuary (Broad Sound, Queensland) Cook, P.J.Mayo, W. 1977 01/Jan/1977
Sedimentology and diagenesis on the Renmark Group aquifer in Hatfield 1, Murray Basin : (NSW Water Department of Water Resources Bore No. 36675), (BMR Pooncarie No. 9) Radke, B.M. 1990 01/Jan/1990
Sedimentology and diagenesis of sediments encountered by Vic. D.M. Piangil West 1, Murray Basin, Southeastern Australia Radke, B.M. 1987 01/Jan/1987
Sedimentology and Facies Distribution within the Horn Valley Siltstone, Amadeus Basin : A Reconnaissance Study Elphinstone, R. 1989 17/Feb/2011
Sedimentological studies on the Stairway Sandstone of central Australia Cook, P.J. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Sedimentological studies of Cainozoic sediments from the Exmouth and Wallaby Plateaus, off northwest Australia Colwell, J.B.von Stackelberg, U. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Sedimentological Analyses from Deepsea Cores taken off Southwest Victoria, and Western and Southern Tasmania Exon, N.F.Stratton, J.P.Reynolds, H.W.Tindall, C. 1989 01/Jan/1989
Sedimentary structures in the Metamorphic rocks and orebodies of Broken Hill Condon, M.A. 1958 01/Jan/1958