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AGSO Journal volume 17 no 5 - 6 AGSO 2000 02/Jun/2000
Australian palaeomagnetism, rockmagnetism, and environmental magnetism 2000 : abstracts Klootwijk, C.T. 2000 01/Jun/2000
OZMIN documentation: national mineral deposits dataset: version 3 Ewers, G.R.Ryburn, R.J.Hazell, M.Sedgmen, A.Bastrakov, E.N.Black, J. 2000 20/May/2000
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia 1999 Geoscience Australia 2000 16/May/2000
OZCHEM dataset release 1 documentation: AGSO's national whole rock geochemistry database Budd, A.R.Hazell, M.S.Sedgmen, A.Sedgmen, L.Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R. 2000 25/Apr/2000
Guide to the AGSO Catalog Ryburn, R.J.Ross, S.I.Wijatkowska-Asfaw, B.S. 2000 28/Mar/2000
Index of airborne geophysical surveys. 4th edition Richardson, L.M. 2000 28/Mar/2000
Geological Atlas of the Officer Basin, South Australia Lindsay, J.F.Leven, J.H.Gravestock, D. 1999 16/Feb/2000
A petroleum resource assessment of the Browse Basin and southern Vulcan Sub-Basin, Western Australia and Northern Territory Gibson, D.L. 1979 21/Dec/1999
A review of petroleum exploration and prospects in the Bass Basin Robertson, C.S.Nicholas, E.Lockwood, K.L. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Assessment of Australian chromite resources : additional data Pratt, R. 1984 21/Dec/1999
Digital near-source accelerograms recorded in Tangshan, China : part 1 (October 1991-December 1993) Zhang, W. 1994 21/Dec/1999
First order regional magnetic survey of Australia for epoch 1980.0, March 1978 - July 1979 : operations reports McEwin, A.J. 1984 21/Dec/1999
Geological and geophysical investigation of the Pialliago Landfill Site, ACT Evans, W.R.Jacobson, G.Bennett, D.G. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Geological data from drilling and excavations along the Molonglo Parkway between Black Mountain Peninsula and Acton, Canberra, ACT, 1977-78 Henderson, G.A. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Groundwater contamination incidents in Australia Jacobson, G. 1987 21/Dec/1999
Guide to input procedure, WLDAT source rock database/ Felton, E.A. 1983 21/Dec/1999
Oligocene epoch pilot study Perry, V.J. 1982 21/Dec/1999
Partial assessment of the recoverable hydrocarbon potential of the Vulcan Sub-Basin, Bonaparte Gulf Basin, Northern Territory Forman, D.J. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Preliminary assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of the Barrow Sub-Basin, and the southern extension of the Rankin Platform, Carnarvon, Basin, Western Australia Gorter, J.D. 1979 21/Dec/1999