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Conodonts from Waterhouse Range, central Australia Crespin, I. 1943 01/Jan/1943
Conodonts from the Fairfield Group, Canning Basin, Western Australia Nicoll, R.S.Druce, E.C. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Conodonts from the Lower Ordovician Coolibah Formation, Georgina Basin, central Australia Stait, K.Druce, E.C. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Constance Range iron deposits, north-western Queensland Carter, E.K.Zimmerman, D.O. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Constraining Surface Deformation Predictions from Coal Seam Gas Extraction Brown, N.J. 2014 30/Jul/2014
Contaminant dynamics in offchannel embayments of Port Jackson, New South Wales Taylor, S.E.Birch, G.F. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Continental Shelf Definition in the Kerguelen Plateau Region : Law of the Sea Cruise proposal Borissova, I. 1997 26/Jun/1997
Continental Shelf Definition in the Lord Howe Rise & Norfolk Ridge Regions - Law of the Sea Cruise Proposal Lockwood, K.L. 1997 14/Apr/1999
Continental Shelf Definition in the South Tasman Rise Region: Law of the Sea Survey 202, Preliminary Results Bernardel, G. 1999 17/Sep/1999
Continental margin survey preview report for western Tasmania and the eastern Bight Tilbury, L.A. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Continental margin survey: preview report for eastern Tasmania and NSW coast Branson, J.C. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Continental phosphate deposits and the search for phosphates in Australia Warin, O.N. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Continental shelf definition in the Kerguelen Plateau region: Law of the Sea survey 180, preliminary results Bernardel, G. 1999 17/Sep/1999
Continental shelf sediments: southern Queensland and northern New South Wales Marshall, J.F. 1980 01/Jan/1980
Continuous Multi-spectral Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Detection in Near-surface Ocean Waters : ZoNiCo5 Survey, Fairway Basin Area, Lord Howe Rise Holdway, D.Radlinski, A.Exon, N.Auzende, J.M.Van de Beuque, S. 2000 01/Jun/2001
Contrasting marginal sediments of a seasonally flooded saline lake - Lake Eliza, South Australia: significance for oil shale genesis Burne, R.V.Ferguson, J. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Contribution to encyclopeadic dictionary of Physics Dooley, J.C. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Contribution to the palynology of northern Queensland and Papua Evans, P.R. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Contributions to the palynology of the Permian and Triassic of the Bowen Basin Evans, P.R. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Contributions to the regional geology of the Broken Hill area from geophysical data McIntyre, J.I.Wyatt, B.W. 1978 05/Jun/2014