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Proceedings : 'back to the future', Natural Resources Research Workshop, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, 27-29 August, 1997 Jacobson, G. 1998 23/Jul/1998
A new GIS extension for visualising water bore data and other tabular geological data Gallagher, R. 1998 02/Jul/1998
AGSO Journal vol17 no 3 Geology and mineral potential of major Australian mineral provinces AGSO 1998 12/Jun/1998
Geology, structure, and gold resources of the Leonora 1:100 000 sheet, WA Williams, P.R. 1998 13/May/1998
Light hydrocarbons and the deep ocean outfalls offshore Sydney. Rig Seismic survey 112 Heggie, D.T. 1998 07/May/1998
ODP drilling in the Coral Sea : sealevel variation, fluid flow, and paleoceanography : proposal 510-rev 1 Pigram, C.J.Isern, A.R. 1998 07/May/1998
ROCKCHEM dataset release 3 documentation : AGSO's national whole rock geochemistry database Hazell, M.Budd, A.R.Kilgour, B.Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R.J. 1998 25/Apr/1998
Sea-level Magnitudes and Variations Recorded by Continental Margin Sequences on the Marion Plateau, Northeast Australia : Proposal 510-full 3 Isern, A.R.Pigram, C.J.Muller, D.Anselmetti, F. 1998 03/Apr/1998
GWATER : AGSO's water database Lenz, S.L.Brodie, R.S.Ross, S.I. 1997 26/Mar/1998
An integrated remote sensing study for the Papunya-Kintore region, NT Woodcock, L.G. 1997 18/Mar/1998
Antarctic CRC Marine Geoscience, Vincennes Bay, Prydz Bay and Mac.Robertson Shelf : Post-cruise Report : AGSO Cruise 186, ANARE Voyage 5, 1996/97 (BRAD) O'Brien, P.E.Harris, P.T.Quilty, P.G.Taylor, F.Domack, E. 1997 24/Feb/1998
AGSO Minerals Division Open Days, 27-28 November 1997 Bain, J.H.C. 1997 26/Nov/1997
Magnetometer traverses across aeromagnetic anomalies near recent earthquake fault scarps in southwestern Australia Gregson, P.J. 1997 19/Nov/1997
GABLOG : the Great Artesian Basin wire-line logged borehole database Tucker, A. 1997 14/Nov/1997
AGSO Library's World Wide Web catalogue: development and maintenance Newton, J.Ryburn, R.Bond, L. 1997 29/Oct/1997
Geology of the Timber Top Volcanic Subgroup (Featherbed Volcanic Group) and associated rocks, Mount Mulligan area, north Queensland Oversby, B.S. 1997 29/Oct/1997
North West Shelf Project : a lineament tectonic study of the basement architecture of northwestern Australia Elliott, C.Liu, S.Willcox, B.Petkovic, P. 1997 09/Oct/1997
OZMIN documentation: AGSO's national mineral deposits database Ewers, G.R.Ryburn, R.J. 1997 18/Sep/1997
Palaeoproterozoic tectonics and metallogenesis: comparative analysis of parts of the Australian and Fennoscandian Shields Rutland, R.W.R.Drummond, B.J. 1997 16/Sep/1997
A groundwater quality assessment of the alluvial aquifers in the Logan-Albert catchment, SE Queensland Please, P.M.Bauld, J.Watkins, K.L. 1997 09/Sep/1997