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Architecture and evolution of the Australian continental margin Stagg, H.M.J.Willcox, J.B.Symonds, P.A.O'Brien, G.W.Colwell, J.B.Hill, P.J.Lee, C.S.Moore, A.M.G.Struckmeyer, H.I.M. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Behaviour of aluminium and iron in acid runoff from acid sulphate soils in the lower Richmond River catchment Ferguson, A.Eyre, B.D. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Contaminant dynamics in offchannel embayments of Port Jackson, New South Wales Taylor, S.E.Birch, G.F. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Evaluation of the undiscovered hydrocarbon resources of the Bowen and Surat Basins, southern Queensland Shaw, R.D.Korsch, R.J.Boreham, C.J.Totterdell, J.M.Lelbach, C.Nicoll, M.G. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Flushing of Australian estuaries, coastal lakes and embayments: an overview with biogeochemical commentary Heggie, D.T.Skyring, G.W. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Glacial-interglacial paleoceanography from Australian margin sediments: northwest Australian margin and Great Australian Bight McCorkle, D.C.Veeh, H.H.Heggie, D.T. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Impact of runoff on nutrient patterns in northern Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Longmore, A.R.Heggie, D.T.Flint, R.Cowdell, R.Skyring, G.W. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Methane anomalies in seawaters of the Ragay Gulf, Philippines: methane cycling and contributions to atmospheric greenhouse gases Heggie, D.T.Bishop, J.H.Evans, D.Reyes, E.N.Lee, C.S. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Microbial nutrient cycling in seagrass sediments Perry, C.J.Dennison, W.C. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Paleocene-Eocene biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of East Antarctica: new data from the Mac. Robertson Shelf and western parts of Prydz Bay Quilty, P.G.Truswell, E.M.O'Brien, P.E.Taylor, F. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Quaternary Antarctic ice-sheet fluctuations and Southern Ocean palaeoceanography: natural variability studies at the Antarctic CRC Harris, P.T.Howard, W.O'Brien, P.E.Sedwick, P.N.Sikes, E.L. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Seabed mapping using multibeam swath-mapping systems: an essential technology for mapping Australia's margins Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Sediment-water interaction in Australian coastal environments: implications for water and sediment quality Heggie, D.T.Skyring, G.W.Berelson, W.M.Longmore, A.R.Nicholson, G.J. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Sequence stratigraphy: a review of fundamental concepts and their application to petroleum exploration and development in Australia Kennard, J.M.Allen, G.P.Kirk, R.B. 2000 05/Jun/2014
The late Cainozoic East Antarctic ice sheet Colhoun, E.A. 2000 05/Jun/2014
The problem of inconsistency between thermal maturity indicators used for petroleum exploration in Australian basins Wilkins, R.W.T. 2000 05/Jun/2014
The use of sediments to assess environmental impact on a large coastal catchment-the Hawkesbury River system Birch, G.F.Eyre, B.D.Taylor, S.E. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Where is Australia's petroleum and how long will it last? Williamson, P.E.Forman, D.J.le Poidevin, S.Summons, R.E.Stephenson, T.E. 2000 05/Jun/2014
AGSO Research Newsletter 32 Geoscience Australia 2000 28/May/2013
AGSO Research Newsletter 33 Geoscience Australia 2000 28/May/2013