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Ashmore Reef's sedimentological response to the Holocene sea level rise Glenn, K.C.Chaproniere, G.C.Opdyke, B.N. 2001 14/Apr/2011
Archival Record of Non-seismic Data Processing for Marine Navigation, Gravity, Magnetic and Water Depth Data Parums, R.Petkovic, P.Collins, D. 1998 13/May/1998
Arc-continent collision and orogenesis in western Tasmanides: insights from reactivated basement structures and formation of an ocean-continent transform boundary off western Tasmania Gibson, G.M.Morse, M.P.Ireland, T.R.Nayak, G. 2010 14/Apr/2011
Applications of Geophysical Information to the Design of a Representative System of Marine Protected Areas in Southeastern Australia Harris, P.T. 2008 05/Jun/2009
Application of biophysical information to support Australia's representative marine protected area program Harris, P.T.Heap, A.D.Whiteway, T.Post, A.L. 2008 10/Jun/2009
Andvord Drift: a new type of inner shelf, glacial marine deposystem from the Antarctic Peninsula Harris, P.T.Domack, E.Manley, P.L.Gilbert, R.Leventer, A. 1999 10/Jun/2009
An Initial Assessment of Estuarine Geomorphic Habitats as Indicators of Coastal Waterway Health Radke, L.Brooke, B.Ryan, D.Lahtinen, A.Heap, A. 2006 19/Mar/2010
Acoustic Mapping of Estuarine Benthic Habitats: Results of a Trial in Wallis Lake, NSW Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.Wilson, J.Creasey, J.Elliot, C.Pearson, R. 2004 24/Sep/2009
AUSCAN Seafloor Mapping and Geological Sampling Survey on the Australian Southern Margin by RV Marion Dufresne in 2003: Final Project Report Hill, P.J.De Deckker, P. 2003 18/Apr/2011
AGSO Formats for Marine Navigation Digital Data Parums, R. 1998 24/Jun/1998
AGSO Cruise Report: Cruise 210 : The "Sojourn 7" Swath-mapping Cruise of R.V. Melville off Eastern Tasmania and in the Gippsland Basin Exon, N.Hill, P.J.Keene, J.B.Smith, S.M. 1999 07/Apr/1999
A reconnaissance crustal heat production assessment of the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) Carson, C.J.Pittard, M. 2012 05/Nov/2012
A geochemical characterisation of deep-sea floor sediments of the northern Lord Howe Rise Radke, L.Heap, A.D.Douglas, G.Nichol, S.Trafford, J. 2011 12/Apr/2011
A compilation of grainsize, biogenic silica and carbonate data from East Antarctic surface sediments Post, A.L. 2013 26/Mar/2013
A Review of the Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Glacial History of the Lambert Graben - Prydz Bay Region, East Antarctica Whitehead, J.M.Quilty, P.G.McKelvey, B.C.O'Brien, P.E. 2006 19/Mar/2010
A Review of Surrogates for Marine Benthic Biodiversity McArthur, M.Brooke, B.Przeslawski, R.Ryan, D.A.Lucieer, V.L. 2010 11/Mar/2010
A Review of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Environmental Scientists Li, J.Heap, A.D. 2008 05/Dec/2008
A Rapid Method to Characterize Seabed Habitats and Associated Macro-Organisms Anderson, T.Cochrane, G.R.Roberts, D.A.Chezar, H.Chatcher, G. 2008 03/Aug/2009
A New High-resolution Depth Model for the Terre Adélie and George V Shelf and Margin, East Antarctica Beaman, R.J.O'Brien, P.E.Post, A.L.De Santis, L. 2011 20/Dec/2010
A New Coral Reef Province in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia: Colonisation, Growth and Submergence During the Early Holocene Harris, P.T.Heap, A.D.Marshall, J.F.McCulloch, M. 2008 20/May/2009