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Wind Generated Tool Marks Resembling Trace Fossils in a Shallow Estuarine Environment Jones, A.T. 2006 14/Apr/2011
AUSCAN Seafloor Mapping and Geological Sampling Survey on the Australian Southern Margin by RV Marion Dufresne in 2003: Final Project Report Hill, P.J.De Deckker, P. 2003 18/Apr/2011
Geoscience Australia Marine Survey 282 Post-Survey Report: Shallow Gas and Benthic Habitat Mapping, Arafura Sea Logan, G.A.Rollet, N.Glenn, K.Grosjean, E.Ryan, G.J.Shipboard Party 2006 18/Apr/2011
Seascapes for the Australian Margin and Adjacent Seabed Heap, A.D.Anderson, T.Falkner, I.Przeslawski, R.Whiteway, T. 2009 15/Jun/2011
Coastal Seabed Mapping Survey, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, February-March 2010 (AAS 2201) - Post Survey Report O'Brien, P.E.Atkinson, I.Bowden, R.Forrest, D.Paddison, J. 2011 18/Jul/2011
Kerguelen Plateau Bathymetric Grid, November 2010 Beaman, R.J.O'Brien, P. 2011 29/Jul/2011
Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Release from Sediments in the Upper Swan River Estuary Smith, C.S.Haese, R.R.Evans, S. 2010 07/Nov/2011
Benthic Community Survey, Mertz Glacier Region, East Antarctica - Post Survey Report, RSV Aurora Australis, Marine Science Voyage (2010/11 VMS), January - February 2011 Smith, J.Riddle, M. 2011 23/Nov/2011
Seabed Habitats and Hazards of the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and Timor Sea, Northern Australia Przeslawski, R.Daniell, J.Nichol, S.Anderson, T.Barrie, J.V. 2011 28/Nov/2011
First Discovery of Dolomite and Magnesite in Living Coralline Algae and its Geobiological Implications Nash, M.C.Troitzsch, B.N.Opdyke, G.N.Trafford, J.M.Russell, B.D.Kline, D. 2011 12/Jan/2012
Geophysical Studies of Australia's Remote Eastern Deep-Water Frontier: Results from the Capel and Faust Basins Hackney, R.Hashimoto, T.Earl, K.Petkovic, P.Logan, G.Bernardel, G.Colwell, J.Rollet, N.Morse, M. 2009 23/Jan/2012
A reconnaissance crustal heat production assessment of the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) Carson, C.J.Pittard, M. 2012 05/Nov/2012
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Petrel Sub-basin, Northern Australia SOL5463 (GA0335) Post Survey Report (NLECI Program) Carroll, A.G.Jorgensen, D.C.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Jones, L.E.A.Sexton, M.J. 2012 07/Dec/2012
Effect of nutrient loading on biogeochemical processes in tropical tidal creeks Smith, J.Burford, M.A.Revill, A.T.Haese, R.R.Fortune, J. 2011 07/Mar/2013
Effect of sewage nutrients on algal production, biomass and species composition in tropical tidal creeks Burford, M.A.Revill, A.T.Smith, J.Clementson, L. 2012 07/Mar/2013
Including biogeochemical factors and a temporal component in benthic habitat maps: Influences on infaunal diversity in a temperate embayment Radke, L.C.Huang, Z.Przeslawski, R.McArthur, M.Webster, I. 2011 13/Mar/2013
A compilation of grainsize, biogenic silica and carbonate data from East Antarctic surface sediments Post, A.L. 2013 26/Mar/2013
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Vlaming Sub-Basin, Western Australia - Supporting Investigation for Geological Storage of CO2 GA334 Marine Environmental Survey Post-Survey Report Nicholas, T.Borissova, I.Radke, L.Tran, M.Siwabessy, J. 2012 26/Apr/2013
Bathymetry Compilation for Proposed Marine Protected Areas in Eastern Antarctica Report Wilson, O. 2012 28/Aug/2013
Martins test record , , , , , , , , , , , AAMAbadin, H.Z.Abbasi, B. 2014 06/Jan/2014