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Promotional flyer: The National Geochemical Survey of Australia de Caritat, P. 2010 29/Jul/2010
Intrusion Related Gold Deposits Blevin, P.L. 2005 09/Aug/2010
Unconformity-Related Uranium Systems: Regional Scale Constraints Jaireth, S.Meixner, T.Milligan, P.Lambert, I.Miezitis, Y. 2007 10/Aug/2010
Uranium Project and regional projects Barnicoat, A.C.Skirrow, R.G. 2007 10/Aug/2010
Geophysical datasets over continental Australia 1986-2002 Hone, I.G.Richardson, L.M.Wynne, P. 2002 17/Aug/2010
Birrindudu Detailed Gravity Survey, NT 2005 Logistics Report for Gravity Project 200580 Fugro Ground Geophysics 2005 20/Aug/2010
Paterson Gravity Survey, WA 2005 (Gravity Project 200560) Operations Report Number 05003 Mathews, L.R. 2005 20/Aug/2010
West Musgrave, W.A. Airborne Magnetic, Radiometric and Elevation Survey, WA 2002 Fugro Airborne Surveys 2002 20/Aug/2010
West Tanami Detailed Airborne, Magnetic, Radiometric and Digital Elevation Survey, WA 2002 UTS Geophysics 2002 20/Aug/2010
Application of terrain corrections in Australia (2001) Direen, N.G. 2000 23/Aug/2010
3D Basin Architecture & Mineral Systems in the Mount Isa Western Succession, introductory presentation at Final Sponsors Meeting, Mount Isa (March, 2005) Blenkinsop, T. 2005 24/Aug/2010
A comparison of Ordovician and Devonian magmatism in the eastern Lachlan Fold Belt: re-evaluating exploration targets Raymond, O.Sun, S.S. 1998 24/Aug/2010
Notes for the AMIRA sponsored annual pmd*CRC Project Review and Update, November, 2003; Australian Resources Research Centre, CSIRO, Perth Blenkinsop, T. 2003 24/Aug/2010
Notes for the AMIRA sponsored pmd*CRC Project Review and Planning Workshop, December, 2002; Geoscience Australia, Canberra Blenkinsop, T. 2002 24/Aug/2010
Ocean-floor volcanism in the Lachlan Fold Belt: new evidence from the Wyalong area, New South Wales Duggan, M.Lyons, P. 1999 24/Aug/2010
Basin architecture and fault geometries in the Mount Isa Western Succession: implications for mineral exploration North Queensland Exploration and Mining 2004 Gibson, G.M.Henson, P.Barlow, M.Murphy, B. 2004 25/Aug/2010
How to build a 3D map: I1 lessons and development of a workflow process, PDT meeting, Mount Isa, March 2005 Henson, P.A. 2005 25/Aug/2010
Mount Isa Western Succession: geodynamic evolution and basin architecture Final sponsors meeting, Mount Isa (March, 2005) Blenkinsop, T. 2005 25/Aug/2010
Poster presentation: New SHRIMP geochronology for Western Fold Belt of Mount Isa Inlier: developing a 1800-1650 Ma event chart (Neumann, Southgate, McIntyre & Gibson) Neumann, N.Southgate, P.N.McIntyre, A.Gibson, G.M. 2003 25/Aug/2010
Poster: I1: Palaeogeography, sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology of an evolving rift system, Mt Isa Western Succession Final sponsors meeting, Mount Isa (March, 2005) Blenkinsop, T. 2005 25/Aug/2010