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Presentations from the North Queensland Seismic and MT Workshop, Townsville, June 2009 Mason, D.Withnall, I.W.Neumann, N.Lambeck, L.Henderson, R.A.Hutton, L. 2009 06/Aug/2009
Presentations on the Georgina-Arunta Seismic and MT survey from the 2011 AGES conference Korsch, R.J.Duan, J.Carr, L.K.Chopping, R.Huston, D.L. 2011 25/May/2011
Pressure-temperature-deformation paths from P-T pseudosections and zoned garnets: implications for metamrophic evolution of the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier Sayab, M.Rubenach, M.J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Presurvey report on Melbourne-Queenscliff airborne magnetic and radiometric survey 1983 Conley, D.Willocks, A.Franklin, R. 1983 01/Jan/1983
Project A1Final Report Bierlein, F.P. 2005 24/Nov/2009
Project A3 Final Report Chopping, R. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project A3 Mineral Properties Chopping, R. 2008 27/Jun/2011
Project A3 Software Chopping, R. 2008 27/Jun/2011
Project C2 - Curnamona ASTER pmd*CRC 2003 16/Jun/2011
Project C5 Curnamona Audit and Gaps Analysis Report McConachy, T. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Project C5 Curnamona Datasets McConachy, T. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Project C6 Final Report Broken Hill Geological Modelling Project Using 3D-WEG Geological Editor McInerey, P.Lee, T. 2004 22/Jun/2011
Project C7 - Curnamona Craton Deep Seismic Reflection Survey pmd*CRC 2004 08/Nov/2010
Project F1/2 Final Report Oliver, N. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project F3 Final Report Baker, T. 2006 24/Nov/2009
Project F6 Final Report Laukamp, C. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project G14 Final report Murphy, B.Ailleres, L.Jupp, B.Leader, L.D.Lees, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project G15 Final Report Blenkinsop, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project H2 - Project Summary Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Project H4 Final Report Phillips, D. 2008 24/Nov/2009