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Geodynamic Synthesis of the Gawler Craton and Curnamona Province Kositcin, N. 2010 01/Sep/2010
Geodynamic Synthesis of the North Queensland region and Implications for Metallogeny Kositcin, N.Champion, D.C.Huston, D.L. 2009 11/Mar/2010
Geodynamic Synthesis of the Phanerozoic of Eastern Australia and Implications for Metallogeny Champion, D.C.Kositcin, N.Huston, D.L.Mathews, E.Brown, C. 2009 04/Sep/2009
New insights into intrusion-related mineralisation in the Tasmanides Champion, D.C.Blevin, P.L. 2007 08/May/2009
Three billion years of granite magmatism: Palaeo-Archaean to Permian granites of Australia Champion, D.C.Smithies, R.H. 2007 08/May/2009