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Revised sub-division and regional correlation of the McArthur Basin succession based on NABRE's 1995-8 sequence stratigraphic studies Jackson, M.J.Southgate, P.N.Winefield, P.R.Barnett, K.Zeilinger, I. 2000 27/Apr/2012
Geophysical investigation of north central Australia : images, algorithms and crustal models Tarlowski, C.Z.Scott, D.L. 1999 02/Nov/2010
Integrated basin analysis of the Isa Superbasin using seismic, well log and geopotential data: an evaluation of the economic potential of the Northern Lawn Hill Platform Bradshaw, B.E.Scott, D.L.Southgate, P.N. 1999 02/Nov/2010
Australian Zn-Pb-Ag Deposits: A basin system and fluid flow analysis - Economic Geology special volume Southgate, P.N.Kyser ,T.Scott, D.L.Large, R.R.Golding, S.D.Polito, P.A. 2006 05/Oct/2010
Measured sections and sequence stratigraphic interpretations: Surprise Creek Formation, Gunpowder Creek Formation, Torpedo Creek and Warrina Park Quartzites Jackson, M.J.Southgate, P.N.Blake, P.Domagala, J.Lech, M.E.Retter, A.J.Barnett, K. 2002 19/Apr/2005
Measured sections and sequence stratigraphic interpretations: Upper McNamara and Fickling Groups Krassay, A.A.Bradshaw, B.E.Domagala, J.McConachie, J.F.Lindsay, J.F.Jackson, M.J.Southgate, P.N.Barnett, K.W.Zeilinger, I. 1999 20/Jun/2001
Measured sections and sequence stratigraphic interpretations: Lower McNamara, Mt Isa and Fickling Groups: preliminary edition data release Southgate, P.N.Sami, T.T.Jackson, M.J.Domagala, J.Krassay, A.A.Lindsay, J.F.McConachie, B.Page, R.W.Pidgeon, B.Neudert, M.K.Barnett, K.Rokvic, U.Zeilinger, I. 1999 31/May/2001
Carpentaria - Mt Isa Zinc Belt: basement framework, chronostratigraphy and geodynamic evolution of the Proterozoic successions - Australian Journal of Earth Sciences special volume Southgate, P.N. 2000 01/Jun/2000