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Paterson area 1:250 000 scale solid geology interpretation and depth to basement model - explanatory notes Czarnota, K.Gerner, E.Maidment, D.W.Meixner, A.J.Bagas, L. 2007 11/Aug/2009
New data and new concepts for the Paterson Orogen Cassidy, K.F.Czarnota, K.Huston, D.Maidment, D.McIntyre, A.Meixner, T.Neumann, N.Potter, A. 2006 08/May/2009
Proterozoic geology of the northwest Paterson Orogen, Western Australia: Prospectivity, possibilities, progress, and the Permian problem McIntyre, A.Bagas, L.Cassidy, K.Czarnota, K.Huston, D.Meixner, T.Maidment, D.Neumann, N.Potter, A. 2005 08/May/2009
Paterson AEM Survey: planned acquisition and interpretation Fisher, A. 2007 18/Jan/2008
Constructing geologically-constrained 3D models using 3D Geomodeller: An example from the Paterson Orogen Meixner, A.J.Lane, R.J.L.Czarnota, K.Cassidy, K. 2006 13/Sep/2006