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Y4 Microsoft project files of the project plans by Research Node Blewett, R. 2008 01/Dec/2010
Y4 Quarterly reports to sponsors for 2005, 2006 and 2007 Blewett, R. 2007 01/Dec/2010
Direct dating of ore minerals: A feasibility study of the Pb-Pb isotope step-leaching technique Bassano, K.Hergt, J.Maas, R.Woodhead, E.Tonelli, M. 2007 08/Nov/2010
H2: Pb-Pbstep-leaching as a leaching as a possible means of dating possible means of dating mineralisation, metamorphism mineralisation, metamorphism and deformation Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Pb-Pb step leaching PhD Abstract Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Project C7 - Curnamona Craton Deep Seismic Reflection Survey pmd*CRC 2004 08/Nov/2010
Project H2 - Project Summary Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Project I5 : Batten Trough Deep Seismic Reflection Traverses pmd*CRC 2004 08/Nov/2010
Geodynamic evolution of the Mt Isa Inlier and its influence on the formation, timing and localisation of fluid flow Gibson, G. 2006 29/Oct/2010
Multi-scale analysis of Isan mineral systems Murphy, B. 2006 29/Oct/2010
Science, the 5 Questions and exploration Barnicoat, A.C. 2006 29/Oct/2010
pmd*RT: Combined fluid, heat and chemical modelling and its application to Yilgarn geology Cleverley, J.S. 2006 29/Oct/2010
Computational simulation as a practical tool for explorationists: A progress report Roberts, P. 2008 22/Oct/2010
Seismic 'mapping' of fluid pathways for Laverton's world-class gold mineral system Chopping, R. 2008 22/Oct/2010
A3 Geophysical signatures of alteration and architecture P1 Chopping, R. 2006 01/Oct/2010
A3 Geophysical signatures of alteration and architecture P2 Chopping, R. 2006 01/Oct/2010
Coupled dynamic porosity-permeability with chemical reaction Cleverley, J.S. 2006 01/Oct/2010
Geology and Fluid Inclusion studies of the Barren Breccia pipe systems in the snake creek area Bertelli, M. 2006 01/Oct/2010
Western Succession 3D basin architecture & ore systems - Project Review, Perth, November 2003 Blenkinsop, T. 2003 30/Aug/2010
Western Succession 3D basin architecture & ore systems- project development team meeting, Brisbane, March 2004 Blenkinsop, T. 2004 30/Aug/2010