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Project Y4 Final Report - Parts III & IV Blewett, R. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Promotional flyer: The National Geochemical Survey of Australia de Caritat, P. 2010 29/Jul/2010
Prospectivity Analysis of Mt Isa Inlier for Fe-oxide Cu-Au deposits using 5 key geological criteria Mustard, R.Blenkinsop, T. 2002 08/Jun/2011
Proterozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Events Resource Package Hoatson, D.M.Claoue-Long, J.C.Jaireth, S. 2008 19/May/2010
Proterozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatism in Australia: Geological Settings and Metallogeny Hoatson, D.M.Claoue-Long, J.C.Subhash, J. 2008 18/Dec/2008
Proterozoic geology of the northwest Paterson Orogen, Western Australia: Prospectivity, possibilities, progress, and the Permian problem McIntyre, A.Bagas, L.Cassidy, K.Czarnota, K.Huston, D.Meixner, T.Maidment, D.Neumann, N.Potter, A. 2005 08/May/2009
Proterozoic mafic-ultramafic intrusions in the Arunta Region, central Australia. Part 2: event chronology and regional correlations Claoue-Long, J.C.Hoatson, D.M. 2005 23/Nov/2010
Proterozoic mafic-ultramafic magmatic events: Implications for nickel mineralisation Hoatson, D.M. 2006 08/May/2009
Punt Hill Deformation-Fluid-Flow modelling: Predictive Targeting Outcomes Robinson, J. 2008 13/Apr/2010
Quantitative extraction of noble gases by in vacuo crushing: Implications for Ar-Ar dating and measurement of scapolite Br/Cl and I/Cl Kendrick, M.A.Phillips, D. 2006 17/May/2011
Radiometric Map of Australia Minty, B.Franklin, R.Milligan, P.Richardson, L.M.Wilford, J.R. 2009 08/Nov/2010
Radiometric Map of Australia presentation Minty, B.Franklin, R.Milligan, P.R.Richardson, L.M.Wilford, J.R. 2009 06/May/2009
Rason, WA, airborne geophysical survey, 1998, operations report Brodie, R.C. 1999 21/Nov/2006
Re-evaluation of crustal structure of the Broken Hill Inlier through structural mapping and seismic profiling Gibson, G.M.Drummond, B.J.Fomin, T.Maidment, D.W.Gibson, D.L.Peljo, M.Wake-Dyster, K.D. 1998 04/Jun/1998
Receiver function results produced as part of the pmd*CRC'S Y2 tomography investigations of the Yilgarn Craton Blewett, R. 2004 23/Mar/2010
Recognition of wallrock alteration in sediment-hosted mesothermal gold deposits: examples from central Victoria Arne, D.Bierlein, F.McKnight, S.Mernagh, T.P. 1999 25/Oct/2010
Reconnaissance economic geology studies for 1996, North Pilbara NGMA project Huston, D.L. 1999 12/Apr/1999
Reconstruction of the evolution of the Tasmanides in eastern Australia, with special emphasis on the 440 Ma event Annual Review Meeting Canberra, December 2002 (i Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2002 04/Feb/2010
Redox mapping in the Central Corridor of the St. Ives Camp Redox domains and application to drilling (Horn et al) pmd*CRC 2008 11/Feb/2010
Reducing exploration risk and promoting exploration with results from the Pine Creek airborne electromagnetic survey, Northern Territory Costelloe, M.Craig, M.A.Liu, S.F.Whitaker, A.J.Hutchinson, D.K. 2010 08/Apr/2010