NOPIMS Direct Access

Geoscience Australia has developed a new way to access wells and surveys information stored on NOPIMS.

NOPIMS Direct Access enables users to consume all the metadata via 3 API links and display it on their internal system in a format that it is specific to each user.

The Application Programming Interface or API will require the use of a specific plugin. Please check with your software developer(s) and/or vendor(s) for more information as each system have its own requirements.

Alternatively, NOPIMS Direct Access includes also:

  • 2 WFS:
    • NOPIMS Wells Feature Service
    • NOPIMS Seismic Feature Service
  • 3 WMS:
    • NOPIMS Petroleum Wells Feature Layer
    • NOPIMS 2D Seismic Survey Lines Feature Layer
    • NOPIMS 3D Seismic Surveys Feature Layer
  • 6 Tables :
    • NOPIMS Well Reports table
    • NOPIMS Well table
    • NOPIMS Survey Reports table
    • NOPIMS 2D Seismic Lines table
    • NOPIMS Surveys table
    • NOPIMS Survey Data table

Each table represents a grid in NOPIMS database. For instance, the well table will list the following attributes for all boreholes listed in NOPIMS:

Basin, BoreholeID, BoreholeName, BoreholeType, Extract_Date, legislationType, Location, Operator, WellID, WellName, WellTitle

NOPIMS Direct Access: