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A new frontier for mineral exploration

5 March 2021

The first results from the National Drilling Initiative have highlighted exciting new opportunities for the resources industry in the Northern Territory.

Stratigraphic drilling completed in the East Tennant and South Nicholson

3 February 2021

The Australian Government’s $225 million Exploring for the Future Program, led by Geoscience Australia, has enabled the completion of MinEx CRC’s first National Drilling Initiative campaigns.

SouthPAN to position Australia and New Zealand into the future

11 December 2020

Australia and New Zealand’s operational Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) has officially been named the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network, or SouthPAN.

Hayabusa2 re-entry to improve Australia’s satellite positioning

9 December 2020

Geoscience Australia has monitored the re-entry of the Hayabusa2 sample capsule through the Earth’s atmosphere, providing valuable information to help improve the accuracy of GPS navigation in Australia.

Pinpointing the uses of precise positioning

4 December 2020

Geoscience Australia is asking industry representatives from a wide range of sectors to share their experiences of using precise positioning technology.

Preparing for the unexpected — Knowing when, where, and the impact of tropical cyclones

1 December 2020

With the return of La Nina to Australia, it’s more important than ever for emergency managers and communities to be better prepared for severe weather.

Mapping Australia’s hydrogen future

23 November 2020

Geoscience Australia is supporting Australia’s increased use of low emissions technology with a world-first tool that maps the nation’s clean hydrogen potential.

Statement on Budget 2020-21

7 October 2020

Geoscience Australia’s budget information is published in the Industry, Science, Energy and Resources 2020-21 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Gravity: More than meets the eye

7 October 2020

Ever opted to take the stairs over the lift for the sake of additional exercise? You’ll be pleased to know that on reaching the top, you’ll appear to weigh an average 100 mg less than what you did at the bottom!

Tsunami sign floating in the ocean

A testing time for an ever-present danger

7 October 2020

In a year full of virtual events, Australia has just survived a virtual tsunami.

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