Australia's Mineral Resource Assessment


Team inspecting a conveyor.

A loading conveyor at
Weipa in north Queensland.

Potential investors have the opportunity to evaluate Australia's mineral resource industry potential with the aid of a newly released assessment of the country's minerals industry.

The Australia's Mineral Resource Assessment 2013 report provides detailed information on minerals exploration and the identification of resources as well as new mining and associated infrastructure projects and mineral production.

The report, which has been compiled by Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, provides information and comprehensive tables on eight important commodities currently produced in Australia, along with additional information about other commodities, including critical commodities.

The Chief of Geoscience Australia's Minerals and Natural Hazards Division, Dr Andy Barnicoat, said the publication would be invaluable to potential investors, both inside Australia and internationally.

"Australia has significant resources of many commodities such as gold, iron ore, lead and zinc, bauxite, coal and rare earths, among others, but additional discoveries are needed if Australia is to retain its edge," Dr Barnicoat said.

"However, Australia faces growing challenges in maintaining investment share and discovery rates against global competition," Dr Barnicoat said.

"Australia's mining industry will continue to be dependent on discovering new mineral resources areas, not just in areas near known mineral deposits or mines, commonly referred to as brownfields, but remote from known deposits in greenfields areas.

"The assessment provides a detailed insight into the minerals industry with information on exploration, projects and production, which will help potential investors make considered judgements on where to invest in the already lucrative minerals industry and its future," Dr Barnicoat said.

Australia's Mineral Resource Assessment 2013 is available as a free download.