New vision for Australian marine science

12 August 2015

Front cover of the National Marine Science plan 2015-2025

National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025

Geoscience Australia welcomes the release of the National Marine Science Plan launched by Minister for Industry and Science Ian Macfarlane at Parliament House in Canberra on 11 August 2015.

The Plan articulates the science required to address the most significant challenges facing Australia's marine environments and highlights the importance of national and international collaborations to increasing our understanding of the oceans and how they contribute to Australia's prosperity.

"There's a critical need to engage and communicate with the Australian community about marine science and its role in maintaining a healthy marine environment and economy" said Dr Brendan Brooke, Geoscience Australia's Senior Science Advisor - Marine.

"We need to understand more about our oceans to ensure that the vision of a healthy, sustainable marine environment is realised for all stakeholders," he added.

The Plan was released after extensive consultation and reflects national and international efforts to prioritise ocean, earth system and climate science.

Australia's marine jurisdiction is vast - covering an area almost twice the size of the Australian landmass, and remains relatively unexplored.

Geoscience Australia, which provides fundamental marine geoscience advice and expertise, plays a key role in maintaining knowledge of Australia's marine jurisdictions and informing the sustainable development of marine resources and the conservation of key ecosystems.

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