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Geoscience Australia celebrates Canberra's Centenary


A new foyer display has opened featuring historical information, objects and images which highlight the significant role Geoscience Australia's predecessor organisations played in the establishment of the Australian Capital Territory.

New rock x-ray machines maintain world class service


Two new state-of-the-art x-ray instruments will allow Geoscience Australia's laboratories to continue to deliver world class geochemical analysis of a wide range of geological and environmental samples.

New Landsat earth observation satellite


The latest satellite in the Landsat series was launched into orbit today, continuing almost 40 years of land observation of the Australian landscape and surrounding regions.

Windows through the ice: geological maps of the Australian Antarctic Territory


Much of Antarctica's geology remains hidden beneath the thick Antarctic ice cap, but our geological knowledge has recently increased following the release of a detailed map which describes some of the rare large exposures of ancient bedrock.

Solomon's earthquake


A large earthquake measuring 7.9 in magnitude was recorded in the Santa Cruz Islands region on 6 February 2013, triggering local tsunami warnings for the surrounding Pacific Nations.

Mathematics embraces the Planet in 2013


As part of the United Nations recognition of activities which influence life on Earth, 2013 has been declared the year of the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

New bathymetry dataset offers easier access


Geoscience Australia has released a new multibeam bathymetry dataset that provides improved understanding about the topography and nature of the seafloor of offshore Australia, an area which for the most part remains poorly mapped.

New data for mineralised regions in WA


The release of the final seismic, gravity and magnetotelluric processed data from Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy Security Program has resulted in a continuous dataset extending over 1600 kilometres across the mineralised regions in central Western Australia.

Top students help secure Australia's water future


Australia's top Year 11 science students have converged on Canberra this week to learn about techniques used to identify possible groundwater resources which are essential to Australia's sustainability in a changing climate.

End of an era for long serving satellite


The 29 year journey of the world's longest serving Earth orbiting satellite will come to an end this month when the Landsat 5 satellite is decommissioned.

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