Fossils and geological time

Fossils are ancient remains, traces or impressions of animals and plants usually found in sedimentary rocks. By studying rocks and fossils, scientists continue to learn more about the history of the Earth. This information has allowed scientists to develop the geological timescale which divides the 4.6 billion years since Earth formed into a series of time units known as Eons, Eras and Periods.

Geological TimeWalk

Geoscience Australia's Geological TimeWalk is a physical representation of geological time in the landscaped gardens of Geoscience Australia. The TimeWalk leads you on a 1.1 kilometre journey through the Earth's 4600 million year (Ma) history and represents the evolution of the Earth from its formation though to the present day. Since the TimeWalk's installation in Canberra in 2009, large rock samples have been collected from around Australia and put on display at locations along the TimeWalk that reflect their age. Each rock has a story to tell, with geological, economic, environmental and/or cultural significance.


Explore the TimeWalk online

The Geological Timewalk is now available online thanks to Google Street View technology which has captured the journey digitally. Guide your way through the rocks on display and enjoy the walk without having to brave the elements.


Timescale Bookmark

A simple geological timescale suitable for colour printing at A4 size. The ages and names of major geological time Periods and Eras are shown. A brief explanation of the geological timescale and how it is developed is provided on the 'back'. Please note that the timescale is not to scale.


Geological TimeWalk Booklet – Australia’s Geological History

The Geological TimeWalk booklet describes major geological, climatic and biological events that have occurred in Australia over time. Geological events include continental drift, the break-up and amalgamation of continental land masses, mountain building and major volcanic eruptions.


Instructions for Creating Your Own Geological TimeWalk

Instructions on how to create your own to-scale geological time scale for three distances.


Geological Timescale

A geological timescale suitable for printing at A4 or A3 size and displaying on the wall of a classroom. The timescale subdivides the 4.6 billion years since the planet formed into a series of time units.



Australia Through Time

Reference poster with evolution of life, palaeogeography, sea level, climate change and minerals.


History of the Earth

Geological timescale, palaeogeographic maps and illustrations of life forms over time.



Trilobite 3D cut-out model (primary and secondary)

Recreate these ancient creatures with this ready to cut out and assemble 3D model of a trilobite.


Pterosaur 3D cut-out model (primary and secondary)

Make a mini version of the Pterosaur which could range in size from a sparrow to the size of a light plane!


Nautilus 3D cut-out model (primary and secondary)

Recreate this amazing sea creature using our ready to cut out and assemble 3D model of a nautilus.


Triceratops 3D cut-out model (primary and secondary)

Build one of the all-time favourite dinosaurs—a Triceratops 3D model.


Serendipaceratops 3D cut-out model (primary and secondary)

Make your own Australian dinosaur using this A4 paper model ready to cut out and assemble into a 3D model of a serendipaceratops.