Introduction to tectonic plates (primary)

This video introduces the concept of tectonic plates making use of a tectonic plates puzzle. Viewers are asked to predict the direction and speed of plate movement and consider where and why earthquakes happen on the Australian Plate.

Sugar shake: erosion experiment (primary)

This video introduces the concepts of weathering and erosion by investigating why river pebbles are often rounded. Viewers can undertake an activity which demonstrates the process of erosion using sugar cubes.

Earthquake monitoring

This video introduces the concepts of earthquake monitoring using seismometers and seismographs. It also features the National Earthquake Alert Centre. Viewers are asked to try making earthquakes at home using the accelerometers in their smartphones.

Positioning 101 – what is positioning

Learn the basics of positioning technology and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) that help us pinpoint where we are and where we want to go.

Rocks from volcanoes

This short video introduces rocks from volcanoes and their features using some of the samples in the Geoscience Australia Education Centre.