Statement on Budget 2020-21

7 October 2020

Geoscience Australia’s budget information is published in the Industry, Science, Energy and Resources 2020-21 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Budget 2020-21 outlines funding for the previously announced four-year $125 million extension of the Exploring for the Future program. Led by Geoscience Australia, planning has already begun for the expansion of the program across the country, including two new resource potential corridors stretching the length of Australia.

Geoscience Australia will receive $200,000 over four years as part of the Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure Regulatory Development Proposal. This funding will be used to collate, process and package scientific data that will be made publicly available to support and inform the development of new offshore renewable energy projects.

Geoscience Australia welcomes the Australian Government’s commitment to funding initiatives in the manufacturing, resources and energy sectors, the nation’s emerging space sector, and its commitment to realising the potential of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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