Virtual Exhibits and Experiences


Virtual week in Canberra – Stories from the Safe - Wednesday 13 September 2023

Join the Geoscience Australia Education Team to see precious crystals and gems that are usually hidden from visitors. We will go behind the scenes with our Collections and Visitor Services Manager to break some of our most valuable specimens out of the safe. See opals, our national gemstone, specimens from space, and hear the stories behind the rare rocks and minerals stored in our basement.

Wednesday 13 September 2023 10:00 am to 11:00 am AEST

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Recorded experiences

To view our collection of on demand videos from past virtual experiences go to the Geoscience Australia DART Learning website.

Virtual visits

A limited number of virtual visit opportunities are available to booked school groups, please contact directly.

Virtual experiences for teachers

See virtual teacher professional learning experiences and past recordings here.

Online exhibits

Explore our online exhibits, individual images and virtual tours of the National Mineral Collection and Geoscience Australia TimeWalk via Google Arts & Culture.


Glass: the old, the new, the natural

What is glass made of and how is it created in the natural world? See specimens of obsidian, fulgurite and tektites in this special exhibition for National Science Week. Test your knowledge about glass using the accompanying crossword and solutions.


Minerals in Modern Technology

Learn about the many minerals, both common and rare, that are essential for modern technology and renewable energy


Identifying Minerals

An introduction to minerals and their properties such as hardness and streak


Australian Capital Territory Fossil Emblem

Learn about the geology of Canberra through fossils nominated for the A.C.T fossil emblem including trilobites, brachiopods and graptolites.


Gems from the safe

View the valuable gem and mineral specimens that are not on public display


Australian Meteorites

Learn about rocky and stony meteorites, tektites, impact craters and view the detailed imagery of specimens from around the country


Antarctica: What lies beneath

The history of Geoscience Australia activities in Antarctica


Broken Hill: One of the world’s largest lead-zinc-silver deposits

Learn about one of the greatest ore deposits in the world and view spectacular and rare mineral specimens


Hot Rocks

A showcase of radioactive specimens from the National Mineral Collection


Australian Opals

Learn about the national gemstone, where it is found and what types there are


Fluorescent Minerals

Rocks that get excited… under ultraviolet light!